Modular General Purpose Tent System (MGPTS)

Modular General Purpose Tent System (MGPTS) image


Eureka! began developing the current MGPTS design in 1997 as a replacement for the old style General Purpose tents used since the late 1940's. The Eureka! MGPTS incorporates the latest tension tent design and manufacturing technologies to provide the military with a multi-purpose weatherproof shelter for any operating environment. And, the performance specifications established for the MGPTS are some of the most stringent wind/rain/snow loading criteria to be applied to any military tent system. The knowledge gained during the research and development of the MGPTS helped shape the field requirements for today's military tents.

The MGPTS is a large, modular, pole supported tent that provides versatile, usable space. All sizes are 18 feet wide and 7 feet high at the top of the sidewall. They can be extended in 18 foot increments by adding intermediate modules. The MGPTS utilizes the concept of a tensioned fabric roof to create a structure that distributes wind, rain and snow loads from the fabric directly to the support system. Tensioned fabric structures distribute loads more efficiently with lighter support systems than comparable non-tensioned fabric tents. The use of interchangeable components between different tents provides for great flexibility and site appropriate assembly.

To date, there are over 50,000 MGPTS tents fielded around the world and there have been NO returns!

Visual Display
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Technical Specifications

NSN - Desert Tan 8340-01-513-6094 8340-01-512-0243 8340-01-512-9465
NSN - Green 8340-01-513-6093 8340-01-512-0240 8340-01-512-9461
LENGTH 18' / 5.49m 36' / 10.97m 54' / 16.46m
WIDTH 18' / 5.49m 18' / 5.49m 18' / 5.49m
HEIGHT 11' 5" / 3.35m 11' 5" / 3.35m 11' 5" / 3.35m
FLOOR AREA 324 sq. ft. / 30.1m2 648 sq. ft. / 60.2m2 972 sq. ft. / 90.3m2
EAVE HEIGHT 7' / 2.13m 7' / 2.13m 7' / 2.13m
INTERIOR VOLUME 2268 cu. ft. / 64.22m3 4536 cu. ft. / 128.45m3 6804 cu. ft. / 192.67m3
WEIGHT (tent, frame, stakes, wrappers) 433 lbs. / 196.41 kg 790 lbs. / 358.34 kg 1147 lbs. / 520.27 kg
DOORS: 2 3 4
ECU DUCTS: 1 pair on each end 1 pair on each end 1 pair on each end


All components including fabric, support system, stakes and transport covers are operable and interchangeable with all other MGPTS and interface with standard military shipping equipment, heaters and environmental control ducts. Compatible with the standard Army camouflage net system, without the use of ladders or vehicles for installation.

Set Up/Strike

       Small Medium Large
     Crew 4 soldiers 4 soldiers 6 soldiers
     Time 27 minutes
set up / strike
36 minutes
set up / strike
67 minutes set up
45 minutes strike
     Aids -- Does not require ladders, vehicles or tools (except for stake installation)

Operating Environment

     Humidity — Is not affected by ambient humidity between zero and 100% relative humidity
     Rain — Will not pool water and will withstand a minimum of one inch per hour for a period of three hours and wind blown rain at horizontal wind speeds of 35 mph
     Wind load — Can be assembled in winds of 25 mph (40.23 km/h), and, when fully erected, withstands a steady wind of 55 mph (88.51 km/h) for 30 minutes and wind gusts of 65 mph (104.61 km/h) in three second durations from any direction
     Snow Load — Passes snow load test of 10 lbs. (4.54 kg) per square foot for 12 hours
     Sunlight — Withstands exposure to direct sunlight for 18 months and tolerates temperatures up to 160? F (71? C)

Packaged Size

  • No parts longer than 96" (243.84cm) when configured for transport
  • Fits into an ISO container (90" x 90" x 234") / (228.6cm x 228.6cm x 594.36cm)
  • Fits into TRICON container (90" x 90" x 72") / (228.6cm x 228.6cm x 182.88cm)
  • Fits on standard pallet (84" x 104" x 96") / (213.36cm x 264.16cm x 243.84cm)


The MGPTS blends into the infrared environment -- it will not absorb radiation nor allow a silhouette to be detected in the infrared spectrum


  • 2nd generation vinyl-coated polyester fabric
  • Modular: Extendible in 18' (5.49m) increments
  • 7' (2.13m) eave height for added work space
  • Leak-proof RF welded seams
  • Light-color interior for added visibility
  • Same erect / strike produce for any size tent
  • Windows and screens built into tent wall
  • Lightweight aluminum frame system
  • Frame support system for clear internal space
  • Modular fabric sections
  • Blockout capable
  • Liner and floor system available

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